Polishing car lamps step by step

How to polish your car’s headlights yourself?

Over the years, car headlights lose their original appearance. Yellowing, dulling or scratches on the surface of the headlights not only negatively affect the appearance of the car, but, above all, reduce the quality of the headlights’ shine, which affects the comfort and safety of driving after dark and can become the reason for the car not passing the mandatory technical inspection. Find out how to renew your car headlights at a low cost. 

Why should you renew your car headlights?  

Car headlights are responsible for proper visibility at night or during poor weather conditions. They are largely responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers while driving. The less light passes through the headlight shades, the less effectively they will illuminate the road in front of a moving car. Regulations clearly define the level at which a headlight should illuminate the environment in front of the vehicle. A faded headlight surface is often the reason for a negative result of a mandatory vehicle inspection.  

The condition of car headlights should be impeccable – severely damaged headlights can be the reason for a police inspection and even receiving a fine! 

Polishing car lamps step by step  

  1. Thoroughly wash the headlight and protect the body around the headlight.  
  2. Sanding the surface of the headlight with sandpaper of appropriate gradations (you can find it in special headlight polishing kits).  
  3. Polishing the surface of the headlight with polishing paste or applying vapor of a special liquid.  
  4. Protection with a protective coating. 

How to polish plastic car lamps? 

headlight reconditioning kit

For polishing plastic car headlights there are headlight restoration kits designed just for this purpose. We can apply such a kit without removing the headlights from the car. It is important to thoroughly protect the body area around the headlight with adhesive tape before starting the work.   

  • Regeneration of headlights begins with sanding with sandpaper. If the headlights are badly damaged, start with a P600 gradation, if they are not, we start sanding with a P800 gradation.  
  • It is important to soak the sandpaper with water before starting the work, and during sanding, the surface of the headlight should be regularly sprayed with water.  
  • We continue sanding with the use of successively higher gradations of paper, up to the gradation P3000.  
  • After each change of sandpaper gradation, change the direction of sanding – from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.  
  • After finishing sanding with sandpaper, we proceed to polish the surface of the headlight with polishing paste.  
  • Professional car headlight restoration kits contain detailed step-by-step instructions for headlight restoration. 

Tip: If you do not have a polisher or grinder, you can use a special adapter for a screwdriver / drill. You can find it in headlight reconditioning kits.   

What to protect the lamps after polishing?  

After polishing your car headlights with sandpaper and then with polishing paste or a specialized regeneration fluid, you should protect them with a protective coating. Such coatings are available in headlight reconditioning kits in the form of a liquid contained in a tube or bottle. UV polymeric coatings and ceramic coatings are available. The former are easier to apply, but do not provide as durable and effective headlight protection as ceramic coatings, which form a transparent protective layer that is not washable by chemicals.   

To polish car headlights, you will need the following accessories:  

  • Sandpaper of different gradations (depending on your needs in the range of 600-3000)  
  • Polishing paste  
  • UV protective coating  
  • Velcro disk for attaching the polishing elements  
  • Polishing sponge  
  • Masking tape (to protect the car)  

You can find all the necessary components for car headlight restoration in HS brand headlight restoration kits. 

HS brand headlight restoration kit  

HS brand headlight polishing kit is used to quickly and conveniently restore headlights with the best possible end result. It restores car headlights to their original appearance without removing them. When you buy the HS brand headlight restoration kit, you get a complete set of accessories. Regeneration of headlights with such a set can be done manually or by mounting individual accessories on a drill or grinder. 

The product is made in the EU – high quality compared to headlight restoration kits of other brands, which are usually made in China.  


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