Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses – we were created with you in mind!

Get to know more about the foam mattresses by Fit.4.Sleep in sizes 90x200cm and 140x200cm with different firmnesses from soft to firm and see that they completely meet all your expectations! 

Guarantee of the highest quality and proven manufacturer Hilding Anders 

The entire creative, technological and quality process is the responsibility of the Swedish concern Hilding Anders – the leading producer of mattresses and beds in Europe and Asia.  

Since 1939, Hilding Anders has been caring for the regenerative rest and healthy sleep of thousands of customers from many countries. The company’s portfolio includes the same well-known brands involved in the production of beds and mattresses, such as Jensen, Slumberland or Curem. All products manufactured by Hilding Anders meet the diverse needs of users. 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are manufactured by Hilding Anders 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are high-quality mattresses available at affordable prices. They are especially dedicated to people who would like to be able to adjust the foundation to their individual needs. Thanks to this, each user of a Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress can ensure the highest personalised comfort for their sleep. 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses PROMO

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The offer applies to the purchase of Fit.4.Sleep mattresses in 2 different firmnesses (H2/H3, H3/H4) and 2 sizes (140x200cm, 90x200cm) available off-the-shelf on  

If for some reason you want to return the mattress – 100% of the amount will be returned to you without asking unnecessary questions.  

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are currently offered in a special offer on Just for readers of this article. Guaranteed fast shipping of the products is provided by Amazon Fulfillment Center (FBA).   

We have prepared a special offer for those who decide to purchase the Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress through the platform!  

If you purchase the mattress and you will be satisfied with its use, all you have to do is share a five-star positive review of the product on the Amazon platform, and we’ll give you a 20% refundable discount!  

At the end of this article you will find detailed info of this promo. Go to now and buy the Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress at an attractive price and additionally take advantage of the promotion*!  

*Promotion lasts until 30.04.2023 or while supplies last. 

Double-sided foam mattresses in 2 firmnesses and 4 comforts 

Double-sided foam mattresses

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are available in 2 firmnesses H2/H3 or H3/H4. The combination of two highly elastic HR foams and their innovative incisions have resulted in up to 4 different sleeping surfaces. Each guarantees a different level of comfort. This is a unique product on the market, which gives us the opportunity to sleep on one of the four sleeping surfaces. In this way, everyone can choose their level of comfort and firmness for their individual preferences. 

Remember that the feel of the firmness of a mattress is a subjective judgement of each user. The purpose of a mattress is to provide adequate support for the body during sleep. When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to parameters related to your weight and body build. Also, depending on the foundation on which you place the mattress, the feeling of comfort may change. 

7-zone HR high elastic foam mattresses 

A unique combination of two high-elastic HR foams (Kaltschaum) with unique cutting and profiling creates a 7-zone, multi-functional mattress. This profiling of the mattress allows you to select a sleeping comfort to suit your individual needs. Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses satisfy even the most demanding users. 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses tailored to you! 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses

By turning the mattress or flipping it over you can adjust the firmness to your individual preferences. High-elastic foams with increased resilience adapt to your movements. In this way, whatever the position of your body, you get stable and anatomical support and reduced pressure on your spine and muscles in any position. 

Anti-allergenic high-flexible foam mattresses Fit.4.Sleep 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses allow you to maintain a hygienic sleep. This is because the unique open-cell structure of the foams ensures excellent air permeability and ventilation. This type of construction of the foam mattress also extends its durability and allows the product to be used for many years. The aforementioned open-cell structure and ventilation holes make the mattress an allergy-friendly product. 

Mattresses for every bed 

Fit.4.Sleep mattresses are very versatile. They can be used on different types of frames or bases. They can be used on traditional or slatted bases, as well as on box-type and adjustable bases. They can even be used on frames where you decide how steep the footrest or headrest is. 

Machine washable Easy Refresh cover  

Machine washable Easy Refresh cover

Each Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress comes with an extremely light and flexible Easy Refresh cover in a summer-winter version with thermoregulatory properties. The non-quilted material, depending on which side you decide to use, guarantees you different benefits: 

  • The white side has anti-allergenic properties and has been specially impregnated to inhibit mould growth. The white side is ideal for summer, as it is pleasantly cool and protects the body from overheating and excessive perspiration.  
  • The grey side is ideal for people who get cold quickly, as it retains heat effectively due to its membrane structure.  

The double-sided EasyRefresh cover is machine-washable at a maximum temperature of 60°C. In addition, the cover has a divider zipper, which makes it possible to wash the two parts of the cover separately in the domestic washing machine. The clever design of the cover also has a positive effect on ease of use and the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. 

Certified quality of Fit.4.Sleep mattresses 

Certified quality of Fit.4.Sleep mattresses oeko-tex certified mattress

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are manufactured exclusively from the highest quality materials. Among other things, this is evidenced by the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 quality certificate, a distinction that is awarded to products all over the world, certifying the complete safety of textiles. It ensures, for example, that our purchase is free of substances which, in certain concentrations, may have an adverse effect on health.  

In cooperation with the independent Swiss AEH Institute, the Fit.4.Sleep mattresses were rigorously analysed, subjected to numerous experiments and finally certified by the Sleep-Lab laboratory. The test parameters to which the mattresses have been subjected are – ergonomics, hygiene, climate, durability. 

Easy unpacking of the Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress  

Unpacking your Fit.4.Sleep mattress is very quick and easy. All you need to do is follow the four steps that will allow us to enjoy our new purchase! 

how to unpack the mattress

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses PROMO

You can buy Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses on 

Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are currently offered at an attractive price on Guaranteed fast shipping of the products is provided by Amazon Fulfillment Center (FBA).   

We have prepared a special offer for those who decide to purchase the Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress through the platform!

If you purchase the mattress and you will be satisfied with its use, all you have to do is share a five-star positive review of the product on the Amazon platform, and we’ll give you a 20% refundable discount!  

It’s simple:  

  1. Order the Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress through 
  2. After receiving your order, if you are satisfied with the mattress you received, give a positive five-star product review on Amazon. Include a photo of the mattress you received in the review.  
  3. Email your order number and express your desire to participate in the promotion*:  
  4. Within 48h you will receive a refundable rebate of 20% of the cost of the mattress you purchased on Amazon  
  5. Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about the latest Fit.4.Sleep promotions!   

*Promotion runs until 30.04.2023 or while supplies last. 


Our customers’ satisfaction is of paramount importance to us 

Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality of our products and service to all our customers. Therefore, your positive experience is very important to both us and future users of Fit.4.Sleep mattresses. Your feedback will help us to better understand our customers’ needs and continuously improve the quality of the products we offer.  

It takes a while to give feedback, and for us it is a very valuable source of knowledge about our products and user experience. Fit.4.Sleep mattresses are made for you – we want to meet your requirements. Share your feedback with us if we have been successful! 

Why should I order a Fit.4.Sleep foam mattress through Amazon? 

The Fit.4.Sleep foam mattresses are offered on with shipping from Amazon’s logistics centre. This not only guarantees you fast and hassle-free delivery of your order. At the same time, you get 24/7 support from the Amazon team, so you can get help at any time if there are any questions about your shipment. In addition, if you are a Prime user, you can get free next-day shipping or up to two days from the date of your product order. 

Should you ever wish to return a product you have ordered, Amazon will also handle the return, so you are assured of professional and fast support on this issue too. 

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