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Amazon Sales Services. It can be an uphill task growing your sales on Amazon on your own. However, selling on Amazon gets even more straightforward when you seek reputable and experienced professionals. A team of dedicated and certified professionals with over ten years of experience, will help you optimize your sales by providing practical solutions to your sales issues. 

Having worked with reputable online platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon guarantees you the kind of trust any ambitious Amazon seller needs to convert a number of the millions of users to loyal customers. During this time, they have managed to work with Amazon sellers from different parts of the world, including Germany, France, Spain, and other European countries. 

Due to the tremendous experience, consultants will help you handle your PPC strategy to enable you to capitalize on the online B2B and B2C sales. Through the Company’s account management, you will reach to millions of customers on Amazon.  


It can be challenging to tap into the most extensive online sales marketplace in Europe and the rest of the world because of the millions of customers available. Keep in mind that the number of users in Amazon is nearly 340 million. So, you understand how difficult this can be. However, to get you started, we’ll inform you how you can quickly sell your products to different countries in the world. 

Amazon Product Sales and Formats  

There are different sales formats to take advantage of on Amazon, including B2B(wholesale), B2C(retail), and Amazon FBA, where products are shipped directly to customers from Amazon’s warehouse. Also, there is the FBM format where sellers ship items from their warehouses directly to customers in different countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and the rest of the world. 

Part of the sales services offered include: 

  • Account registration: To be an Amazon seller, you need to create an account customized with your details. 
  • Product cataloging: The experts will help you create marketing collateral with essential details on your product to help customers make a purchasing decision. Some of the details include product features, price, dimensions, listings, price, weight, size, and many more.  
  • Optimizing account settings: The experts know the right keywords to insert into your account’s content to increase visibility and searchability for your products. 
  • Advice on setting retail and wholesale prices: Let the experts help you quote the favorable prices for your retail and wholesale sales. 
  • Customer service: In case of inquiries, questions, and negative feedback from customers about your products, they will offer relevant and timely responses.   

The professional consultants use ranking optimization, review management, Amazon PPC, Google PPC, SEO content, and competitor monitoring campaigns to increase Amazon sellers’ sales. They offer all-inclusive sales services to help Amazon sellers stand out in the e-commerce industry.  

How to sell on Amazon?  

Amazon offers numerous opportunities to sell to millions of customers from countries from different parts of the world. Because of this, Amazon sellers can sell their products in their local markets and expand to other foreign markets with ease enabling them to increase their sales volume. However, there is stiff competition on Amazon, and you require appropriate promotion to expand your reach and acquire more customers. 

Before selling, you need to learn more about the company registration and verification process to set up an Amazon seller account. Amazon has two options to choose from; basic or pro. If you have multiple products for your business, it will be wise to select the pro option. While the primary account allows you to sell not more than 40 products every month, you can sell varieties of products once you pay for the Pro option.   

Do you need to start a business to be an Amazon seller 

You can only be an Amazon seller if you are running a business and if you have a company with a separate legal entity. While a sole proprietor can sell products on Amazon, it might be impossible to sell products without a company. As a matter of security, Individuals cannot set up Amazon seller accounts. 

Experienced consultants will help you through the entire process of creating and verifying your Amazon seller account and optimize your account settings. They will use hacks and tricks to maneuver through the Amazon market place to help you develop your business as you make more sales. Reaching many local and foreign customers will help you increase profits for your business. It’s the reason why you should choose professional consultants to do what they do best. 

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